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Espresso machine maintenance is essential in order to minimize your machine repair costs and for producing consistent quality espresso drinks. This DVD walks you through step by step the preventative maintenance necessary to keep your machine in top shape! The MaintenaceMade Easy’TMDVD is 47 minutes and covers introduction to tools, the cleaning of portafilters, group heads, steam wands, the grinder, including information regarding machine selection as well as pulling a proof shot

Gaining Command of the Variables’TM DVD is 64 minutes and includes a comprehensive review of the espresso brewing process, drinks and recipes, steps to pull shots including dosing, leveling, distribution, tamping, the ideal espresso, and milk steaming. Also, there is a demonstration of basic latte pours and how to prepare a number of hot and cold espresso drinks. This DVD is a great tool for coffee shop owners when training their barista’s and for home barista’s as well!


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