Best Place to Work as a Barista

The road to choosing to be a barista is not easy and this job is not made for everybody as it demands you to be outgoing who is open to learning and enjoys the company of people and the taste and smell of coffee. If you have these qualities mentioned, then there is a pretty god chance that with the assistance of good barista training, you could reap benefits and enjoy a great career as a barista.

Why do you need barista training?

Before you consider being a barista at a well-known coffee place, it is very essential that you get professionally trained as one first. This will also help you get well paid barista jobs. In case you live in a city or town which does not have a barista training school, the ever-growing internet also has options for online training. here you can get to learn everything necessary that a barista or a possible coffee shop owner needs to know related to coffee and other things. Other things include tips to use barista tools and the various coffee machines and how to maintain these machines. This is very important as maintaining the coffee equipment will their long life and hence will make your coffee shop a great success with high profits.

What will you learn from barista training?

Barista training will not only help you get few of the best barista jobs in the city but will also give you the chance to learn from the most renowned coffee houses on aspects of to run a successful coffee place. Delicious good quality coffee is the main and only reason why people would like to visit your coffee house repeatedly. Correct planning, marketing and management is very essential to make sure your coffee house remains a success for a long time.

The first and foremost thing that you will learn during the course of your barista training is social skills, which means dealing with your customers and your fellow workers. If you choose not to attend a training school, you can indulge yourself in a good quality book which will teach you people skills that will help you maintain and even grow your clientele. Another thing that you will learn from this is how to get a better tip from your customers without actually working hard, but just being smart.

Few things a basic course in barista training will teach you:

  1. Improving your listening skills
  2. Advantages of being a good listener
  3. Convert difficult clients into your top clients
  4. To take embarrassing situations in your stride
  5. To have a friendly rapport with your colleagues

What does a job as a barista demand from you?

When you are working as a barista, you are going to obviously deal with multiple orders placed simultaneously. The challenging part is to make sure your customer gets what he or she has ordered. This means that you need to learn not to mix up orders or make mistakes. You will also be expected to know to make all types of beverages without lowering the quality of even any one of them as you will encounter regular customers who will want the same beverage day after day. It does not matter if you are completely swamped with orders. What is important is that you give each customer who walks into your coffee house a moment of your time. Never forget to greet a customer politely when they enter no matter how busy you are. What your job primarily is being a barista is not only serving premium quality coffee with a smile on your face but also to ensure that a customer leaving your coffee shop is only doing so to return back again. In short, you need to be a “people’s person”. You need to very quickly understand what exactly our customer needs and you should be able to deliver it to the best of your ability. Aspiring to possess a coffee house of your own is the perfect way to start and with the above-mentioned training and skills you will be in the position to earn much more than what an average barista does. If everything goes the way you have planned, then maybe you may even get promoted to the manager of the coffee place but in that case, you will need to learn about money handling too.


So, if you are that kind of a person who enjoys people’s company, is enthusiastic to meet new people and also the smell of coffee then choosing to be a barista can be a good career option for you. Even though you possess social qualities naturally, you need to get them polished as per the demands of a barista job and to do this is it recommended to get trained professionally. Good coffee houses with understanding owners, will allow your career to grow and such a coffee house is the best place to work as a barista.

The Best Barista Schools

If you want to start a coffee business then one of the first task requirements is for you to purchase the coffee vans. Purchasing all the necessary equipment for the coffee business is easy however the complicated part comes when you have to brew a coffee that will delight the taste buds of the customers. Not everyone is blessed with the right skills and not everyone can brew the delicious coffee that will attract the customers. It requires specific skill set as well as measurement of the different ingredients that need to be treated properly in a well-defined specific manner.

This is why you need to attend barista schools or the barista academies before you start the operation of your own personalized coffee business. The barista schools have provided the home-based entrepreneurs with the perfect opportunity to gain right training as well as competent knowledge for starting their own coffee business. Barista word comes from Italian word bartender, instead of serving alcohol barista serves coffee based drinks. Let us have a look at some of the best barista schools.

The Seattle Barista Academy: This school is hands down one of the best one out there. If you want to learn about coffee the Seattle barista academy is the place to get into. Not only they give you complete knowledge about coffee but also offer one on one professional training for you to get customized training as every person is different and makes different mistakes. The instructions and information comes from top coffee professionals in a state of the art facility. Another amazing advantage of getting into the Seattle barista academy is that they give you complete experience of running a coffee shop through virtual reality experience which comes very handy if you are planning to own a coffee business or open a café.

They also teach you other important stuff like how to use commercial espresso, different methods of brewing coffee and how to tour coffee roasting facility. The Seattle barista academy also teaches about the different equipments for coffee making that suits you personally and meet your requirements. They also teach you how to set a bar and how to manage and operate stores successfully.

The Texas Coffee School: This school is a multipurpose coffee school. The Texas coffee school offers you almost every course or training on all things coffee. Along with training you in everything that enables you to make a perfect espresso shot, the school also trains you in many other things from making latte art to conducting proper coffee tasting and steaming perfectly aerated milk every time. The Texas coffee offers many different types of courses. For example there is a two day all-inclusive barista class course which offers 14 hours of preparing espresso drinks, learning recipes and maintaining bar equipment.

They also offer courses for people who want to do more than just make coffee and be barista. For these people there are courses on coffee shop management or 3 day coffee business overview course. In these classes they give you training and knowledge on how to open and run your own coffee shop successfully. Sometimes that seems scary and impossible but with the right help and tips that you get from the Texas coffee school you will see that owning a coffee business is very easy and attainable. They also make it easy for you to find the courses as you can register for the courses and can select any number of available dates. There is also information available on entire curriculum for each course so you can select a course that suits you the best.

The IBCA: The “international barista coffee academy” offers many different variety of barista training classes from latte art to the grinding of coffee basics, etc. You can be just a beginner and not an expert or intermediate level barista to take most of their training sessions. There are courses available even of very basic training in foundational level like teaching you about bar and drink basics that you can work up to intermediate and professional level classes. They will help you improve your barista skills and turn you into a skilled coffee master.

Another amazing aspect about IBCA is that they also accept people and have courses for people who are just enthusiasts and for whom being barista is just a hobby, which is very rare among barista schools. You don’t have to be perusing a coffee career you might just want to make good coffee at home and you can totally get that course here. You can just register for some basic workshops and can get a little knowledge and confidence and can impress your friends at home. You can also participate in just coffee tasting if you want to acquire that skill to have coffee related conversations with people.

Why is Seattle a Big Coffee City?

Seattle, situated in the West Coast of the United States is a seaport city. It is the largest city in the State of Washington. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks among all Americans. Seattle is said to be the most coffee drinking City in the US of A. Seattle is the world center for coffee chain management and coffee roasting.

Coffee- why is it famous in Seattle?

Who does not enjoy a freshly brewed coffee early in the morning or in the middle of a hectic day of work? Well, coffee lovers are there all over the world. There are varieties of coffee available now. From ready-made coffee, instant coffee to decaf coffees, the consumers are spoiled for choices. Coffee is easily available in the equatorial regions of south east Asia, India, Africa and also America. Some of the easily available coffees in these areas are Arabica and Robusta. The best blends which is a must for all coffee lovers to taste and experience is the blend of both varieties of beans.

Types of coffee

It is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and it can be prepared and presented in a variety of ways. Different regions in the world have their own style and sense of drinking coffee. Some countries drink black coffee while some like to drink coffee with milk and sugar. Coffee is not only used as drinks, but coffee is also widely used in making cakes, chocolates and other savories.

Health Benefits associated with Coffee

Coffee is believed to have a lot of health benefits. It is very good for the skin and is widely used in the skincare clinics. Coffee is believed to be a natural painkiller, aids reduction of depression, lowers type II diabetes.

Coffee and Seattle

The connection of coffee and Seattle dates back far in the 1700s. Many believe after the Boston Tea Party Tea became an expensive drink and people slowly started drinking Coffee. Most American families were drinking coffee in the 1930s including the children.

In the 1960s after World War II, with the influence of the European coffeehouses, there was a spurt in the growth of coffee houses in Seattle. Soon it became a style statement to go to a coffeehouse in the evening and to hang out with your friends. Thus began the coffee culture in Seattle which continues till date.

The regulation to the import of coffee beans changed in the years of 1970s. This provided as the much-awaited impetus to the ever booming Seattle and its coffee culture. As it became easier to get coffee beans and coffee became even more popular drink. Seattle’s coffee culture grew to new heights in the 1980s. Many coffee houses started opening up in Seattle. At this stage, people did not care much about where the coffee beans came from. They were not particular about any brand or brew of the coffee.

Present Scenario of Coffee in Seattle City

At present, the statistics say that there are around 35 coffeehouses in Seattle for every 100,000 people. There are about 10 big coffee roasters in Seattle. Each coffeehouse in Seattle has a different type of brew. Once you enter a coffeehouse in Seattle you will have a huge list to choose your coffee from. If you are visiting a café, you would be surprised to know that there are different ways and types of beans, milk and also pouring styles. Each style and type has an impact on the coffee and shall give you a coffee which is different to taste and worth experiencing.

Imagine it is a hot and sunny day. Well it is a perfect day to have a sip of coffee but not the normal hot ones. Instead at this point of time, sipping a cold brewed coffee will make your day. Cold coffees can even be enhanced by choosing different flavors, i.e. hazelnut, Mocha etc.

More than anything the people in Seattle are aware of their coffee beans and brews. They are very particular about the taste that they like. Nowadays in Seattle Coffee is treated as a product of art. Many of the coffee shops engage in direct trade with the farmers themselves. There are many coffee bean buyers who travel to South America, Africa, and Asia to hunt down the best farms and even single plots where they buy their beans from. Beans are not mixed, like it was done before, which allows for the unique flavor of the fruit produced by that particular micro-climate to come through. There of course is a strong tech industry presence in Seattle as well so it is quite common to see startups that intersect these two worlds pop up.


So, as we see coffee has been an eternal part of Seattle’s history and its growth. One cannot differentiate between Seattle and its coffee. Every person in Seattle whether he is a citizen or tourists will have an added attraction to coffee there. One can safely tell that coffee is in the air and blood of Seattle.